Game of Thrones Journeys


August 19 - 26 (8 Days, 7 nights)

Split, Sibenik and Dubrovnik

Come and join us in Croatia and explore the stunning world of Game of Thrones. In a week you will discover the best Game of Thrones filming locations from Meereen to Braavos and all the way to King's Landing.  guided by locals who worked on the producion of the show.  


Game of Thrones

  • Admire the walls and the alleys of King's Landing.
  • Take a leisurely stroll in the gardens of the Red Keep. 
  • Follow Daenerys Targaryen and conquer the Great City of Meereen


  • Walk the cobblestones of the old town of Split and discover Diocletian's Palace
  • Explore the walls of Dubrovnik and sail out to the island of Lokrum


  • Small group (up to 12 people)
  • Meet locals who worked on the set of Game of Thrones
  • Adventure and gaming activities
  • És mindez Westeros veszélyei (lefejezés, tömlöcök és sárkányok) 

Prices from €2100


Day 1 - Arrival to Westeros

You will be picked up at the airport (Zagreb or Split) and we will make our way down to the charming Split, and in the evenining you will be strolling around in the old town of this ancient metropolis, which is built on the ruins of Emperor Diocletian's impressive Palace complex. The winding cobblestone alleyways and the medieval buildings already signal that we are about to leave our universe.



Day 2 - Meereen and Slaver's Bay

Today we enter the realm of Game of Thrones in a fully immersive tour with our Game of Thrones tour guide. Your full-day tour starts in at Klis Fortress, a medieval stronghold perched upon a rock outcropping. In Game of Thrones  stronghold in Meereen, with awesome sea and mountain panorama. From here we turn to Zrnovnica to visit quarry and a medieval mill where the siege of Meereen was filmed. In the afternoon we make our way to Diocletian's Palace in the heart of Split. In the Palace's winding alleywas Daenerys moves against the masters, and in the cellars of the Roman Palace. her dragons lived

Day 3 - Braavos

Our destination today is the old town of Sibenik which plays the role of Braavos in the fifth season. In the Medieval old town we can found the building the served as the foundation of the Iron Bank of Braavos – in our world the the Renaissance Cathedral of St. James. Arya Stark's arrival to Braavos was filmed in Sibenik's harbour. In the afternoon we return to nature and we take a hike around in the beautiful the waterfalls and crystal clear blue waters of the famous Krka National Park. In the evening we return to Split.

Day 4 - Dalmatian Coast, Walls of Ston

We are traveling towards Dubrovnik on the stunningly beautiful Dalmatian coast. Azure sea, tiny islands with medieval towns, the picturesque valley of the Neretva river, wine, tangerine honey, and oysterfarms. On the way we stop at the medieval town of Ston. The walls and bastions of Ston are the largest continous system of defensive walls after the Great Wall of China. The area is famous for the saltworks and the unique oysters, so the more adventurous can try the local delicacies. In the evening we arrive in Dubrovnik.

DAy 5 - Welcome to King's Landing

Full day tour in Dubrovnik and we dive deep into the world of Game of Thronesand into the heart of Westeros’s capital, as you’ll have a full day of exploration in King’s Landing. Your film expert, who worked on the set of Game of Thrones will lead you through the winding streets of incomparable Dubrovnik, showing you the setting for many of the highlights from the series. Walk the city walls that served as the backdrop for the pivotal Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion Lannister’s finest hour. Continue on to Lokrum Island, the set for the superlative city of Qarth, “the greatest city there ever was and the greatest city that ever will be”: In the afternoon we sail the only classic three-masted sailing boat around the walls of King's Landing.

Day 6 - A vörös erőd kertjei

This morning we make our way up the Srdj mountain lookout near Dubrovnik Srdjan and we will take in the awesome view. In the afternoon we head to the serene and gorgeous tour of the arboretum at Trsteno, whose historic gardens served as the backdrop for the court intrigues of Margaery Tyrell and her shrewd and calculating grandmother, Olenna. You’ll be sure to recognize where Lady Sansa related Joffery’s worst characteristics to his new queen, as well as the garden where the Queen of Thorns plotted against House Lannister.


Day 7 - Adventure Day

Full day of adventure around Dubrovnik. The possibilities are endless. We could take dip into the Adriatic sea, go scuba diving, sea kayaking, horseback riding or even travel to nearby Montenegro. If you are interested in urban exploration damaged by the war in Yugoslavia view the Belvedere Hotel, where the Mountain and the Viper duel of venue was built.


Day 8 - Back to Reality 

Today we start to make our way back home. We stop in the Neretva valley, the river delta where you can see tangerine groves and you can take local honey and wine back home. Airport transfers to Dubrovnik, Split or Zagreb. Along the way, we visit the lookout point at Skradin where the panorama of the wonderful Krka river valley unfolds before you.

DURATION: 8 days

MEALS: 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners .

ACTIVITIES:  Unlike many other group tour companies, we include all activities so you won't be hit with any hidden charges while you're away. This includes an English speaking Master of Journeys throughout, plus:

  • Game of Thones tour Split - including entry to Klis Fortress and Diocletian's Palace.
  • Game of Thrones tour in Sibenik
  • Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik including entry to the walls of Dubrovnik, sailing to Lokrum island, entry to the Trsteno Arboretum
  • Game of Thrones Game Night
  • Adventure day or sailing trip around Dubrovnik 



ACCOMMODATION:    Characterful first class boutique hotel in Valletta and traditional farmhouse with a private pool in Gozo. Prices are based on two people sharing . Single Supplement available: €400


  • Air conditioned mini bus
  • Sailboat


  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not listed in the itinerary, extra drinks
  • Optional tours


Without doubt the Iron Throne in Lokrum was the main highlight of the trip. The local food is amazing too, especially the grilled octopus and the rozata. The Game of Thrones locations are stunning, Dubrovnik is out of this world. In a week we covered a lot of small locations as well, it feels like we have seen a lot. My order of preference is King’s Landing, Meereen and Braavos..
— Moszko
In Dubrovnik I realized that I am a born pirate. The sunset in Braavos is amazing even without cgi. One of the best moment was when we heard the Dalmatian monastic choir rehearsing at night. And the walls were singing.
— Asia
I am traveling through years as well as leagues, back through history when dragons ruled the earth.
— Tyrion Lannister, A Dance with Dragons

Pictures from our last trip to WESTEROS

Are you ready for your Westerosi croatian adventure?

August 19 - 26, 2017 

It is a small group tour so there will be 12 people on the tour and the places are filling up fast. Book as soon as possible to be on the next trip.