4 Intensely Inspiring Infographics about travel and Game of Thrones

The idea of actually visiting all the Game of Thrones filming locations first came to me when I looked at an info-graphic displaying some of them. I looked around a little bit and found some more inspiring stuff. The locations used in the filming of Game of Thrones are incredible. The landscape and the atmosphere that you see on the show is often real, even if some of the landmarks are added with a computer generated imagery. These infographics will show you where you can find Westeros in real life in countries like Malta, Croatia, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Spain and more.

1. Game of Thrones Travel Guide

This one makes me want to publish an actual guide to the locations of Game of Thrones. I love the comparison photographs and the simple design. It was done in 2013 so it has all the locations up to the Season 3 of GoT. Click on the pictures to see the whole thing!

You can check out side by side photos of the location as seen on the show and as it looks in reality. The graph features all the countries and locations up to Season 3. This one is a good inspiration for my trip to Croatia. This infograph gave me the first push to get out and travel to these place.

2. Lawrence of Morocco's map of Westeros

Morocco also hosts a good number of places in Game of Thrones. A pretty cool Moroccan tour operator Lawrence of Morocco put together a map of every location used in the filming. This one was produced right after Season 4. On their cover page they list all the filming locations in Europe.  Check out their map as well. 

Following the main map there are several country breakdowns with an actual maps showing the filming locations. Here is the one about Croatia.

3. Wander Through Europe

Last year GoEuro a travel and transportation portal also thought that one of the key appeal of the series is the stunning settings that it is filmed in. The created a map from the amazing coastal towns of Croatia to the towering cliffs of Malta. They try and succeed in luring us into traveling and the also highlight Season 5's filming spot is Sevilla, Spain. Oh, the Water Gardens...

I love the medieval feel of this simple map above. And below these are my two favorite locations are Malta and Croatia. Do you have any of these destinations already on your travel bucket list? Which ones?


4. Mis-infographic: Plan the perfect vacation to Westeros with Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor Canada put together this perfect treat for anyone who is looking for Game of Thrones travel advice. I'm particularly interested in the kayak tours on the Blackwater.

Where would you plan a getaway inspired by Game of Thrones? 

Which filming locations would you like to see?